The Centre of Excellence publishes a newsletter three times a year. Over 1200 copies are distributed to all of our schools and offices, teachers and support staff who work with our students, parents of students with an ASD, professionals of other English school boards in Quebec, partner organizations, SNNAP and SNAC committees, professional development workshops, as well as Ministry meetings. Our newsletter features articles written by members of our ASD team which include information about best practices, teacher tips, behavioural strategies, web resources and educational Apps, reviews of new books, and upcoming local conferences.

Please click on the date to view ASD newsletters:

2022 - 2023

March 2023
Issue 56
Autism Month:
A shift from awareness to advocacy
February 2023
Issue 55
Technology and Autism
November 2022
Issue 54
An Individual with Autism



2021 - 2022

May 2022
Issue 53
Autism in the Workforce
March 2022
Issue 52
Autism & Bullying
December 2021
Issue 51
Autism in Context 
with Dr. Peter Vermeulen


2020 - 2021

April 2021
Issue 50
ASD & Sexuality
December 2020
Issue 49
Preparing a Child for Covid Testing
October 2020
Issue 48
Dr. Amy Laurent Webinar
Addressing Emotional Regulation in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder


2019 - 2020

May 2020
Issue 47
Activity Ideas
January 2020
Issue 46
The Centre of Excellence for Autism Spectrum Disorder presents Amy Laurent
September 2019
Issue 45
Why, When, and How to Share
an ASD Diagnosis


2018 - 2019

February 2019
Issue 44
The Importance of Adaptive Functioning: Building Independence
October 2018
Issue 43
Girls and ASD


2017 - 2018

May 2018
Issue 42
Social Thinking® Philosophy
Michelle Garcia Winner
February 2018
Issue 41
Top 5 Best Practices in a
Daycare Setting
October 2017
Issue 40
Advantages and Challenges of Technology