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Video Capsules: Structuring the Learning Environment

The following video was made to help support teachers in creating a predictable and supportive on-site learning environment for students. Setting up visual schedules and modifying the environment to support student needs as well as other ways to adapt the classroom are discussed. 



Video Capsules: Positive Behaviour Supports

The following video was made to help give perspective on negative behaviours and encourage professionals to view them through a new lens to better support our diverse learners.  




Video Capsules: Remote Learning for Teachers

The following video capsules have been created to support teachers in remote learning. They are meant to be viewed sequentially but if you are interested in getting more information on one specific topic you can view that capsule alone. Please check back regularly as new video capsules will be uploaded in response to the needs and requests that arise.

Part 1:

Advantages & Disadvantages to Online Learning

Part 2:

Considerations for Online Learning

Part 3:

Schedules & Routines

Part 4:

Synchronous Learning

Part 5:

Asynchronous Learning

Part 6:

Modified & CASP   * Coming soon *

Part 7:

Incorporating Evidence-Based Practices in Remote Learning





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Virtual Resource/Special Ed Tech Room & Virtual Reading Room

During the lockdown, resource teams had to become creative in engaging students with exceptionalities on the online platform. By using students’ interests in order to facilitate this engagement and individualize the learning environment, students were able to stay connected to school staff and peers. At Westpark elementary, Miriam Silverberg, working within the resource team as a Special Education Technician, created a virtual support room to mimic the resource room the students could go to on-site when they needed support in emotional regulation or even just a connection and reboot. Miriam created the virtual rooms using Google slides and the zones of regulation check in with Google forms. Please check out the video capsules to see how this came to life. 





Our colleagues in ESD have created incredible video tutorials to help guide teachers and school staff in mastering a few virtual tools and tricks to be able to offer quality educational services should we have to close down. This series of 10 videos called BOLD Blended Online Learning Design is really well made and would be interesting for all our professionals to browse when you have a moment.

For more information about supporting students with exceptionalities on CASP through online learning, please visit:



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