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Social Scripts are a great tool to help teach social skills and life skills to students with an ASD. Using the form of narratives, these can be used to teach students how to wait in line, how to raise their hand in class or appropriate behaviour for many different social situations. Social Scripts should be presented to a student on a regular basis, not at the time of the social error. Here are a few that can be adapted to your individual child's needs:   


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  Asking Questions   Private Parts are Private
  At the Store   Sharing
  Bathroom Routine   Spitting
  Compliments   Staying Calm
  Following the Rules   Staying with Grandparents
  Getting Stuff on Hands   That's Private
  Hugs are for Family   That's Private - Female
  Indoor Recess   Using Nice Words
  Listening to the Teacher   Walking in the Hallway
  Making Mistakes   What I can do: My Hands
  My New School   When it's not time to talk
  Nose Book   When People are Talking
  Playing with Friends