Curriculum-Based Activities

Curriculum-Based Activities

Language Arts

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Alphabet Match-Up

On/Under Interactive Book

Alphabet Match Upper/Lower

Over/Under Interactive Book

Colour Concepts Interactive Book

Positional Concepts Activity

First Letter Alphabet Activity

Spelling Flip Book Template

Match Words to Picture

Spelling 3 Letter Words

Match-Select-Name Animals

Spelling 4 Letter Words

Match-Select-Name Items

What Letter is Missing?

Match-Select-Name Foods






Addition Dots Flip Book

Match Same Name 1-10

Addition Flip Book 1-10

Match Select Name Money

Addition Mat

Math Mat

Animal Count 1-5

Money Guide

Buttons Count Interactive Book

Money Match Game

Circle Activity 1-10

Money Mini-Folder

Circle Activity 1-10 with dots

More and Less

Coin Count

Multiplication Flip Book 1-10

Coin Memory Match

Subtraction Flip Book 1-5

Coin to Coin Match 

Subtraction Mat

Count the Leaves Activity

Unifix Block Patterns

Fraction Match-Up

What's Missing? 1-10

Frog Count

What's Missing? 11-25 

How Many? Flip Book





Matching and Sorting

Car Colour Game

Sorting Seasons

Car Interactive Book

What comes next?

I Spy Interactive Book

What goes with? Food

Pattern Flip Book

What goes with? Colours

Sorting Foods & Clothes





Science & The Body

Body Parts - Female Match

Body Parts - Hygiene

Body Parts - Male Match

Public vs. Private Activity